Sunday, December 27, 2015

What is art?

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Art for the sake of art?

Many people have a tendency to blame post-modern thought on the ability of individuals to proclaim simple things art.  It is post-modern thought that allows the critique as everyone is entitled to their own personal rectitude within this framework.  If I may be so bold I might say that every physical object, every sound, every action possesses a quality of art.  Beauty is not the basis of art.  Art is rooted in emotion and so there is a element of art in the undergarments that had been left hanging on the door knob,  the screech of nails on a chalkboard and, the simple act of the neighborhood shopkeeper combing his hair over his bald spot in vain failure.  Fine-art on the other hand has no practical purpose other than entertainment.  A long gallery wall of doorknobs with various undergarments suspended on them is more highly appreciated than seeing your spouse perpetrate such an act and forget they left them there, though just as grating the screech of nails in an avant-garde composition is somewhat expected and, an actor in a play with a combover is a entertaining detail rather than the village joke.  

Now actions even bad activities embody a element of art.

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