Sunday, December 27, 2015

Uncle Bart

Children: I am writing this letter because I have much to explain and my memory has never been that great. I intend to read this when the time is appropriate but if you are left without me make sure you are all here when this is read to the group.  
I knew all of your parents, the majority of us came from different times and places from one another. Perhaps one of them would be given the task of sharing this with you if I was not the last one to be alive.  Even those who died from age did not die young.
You see our “ancestors” actually lived in the future perhaps not the future of this planet or dimension but a future somewhere.  They created a device called a Matrix what they intended is beyond me perhaps they needed a power source as the device does produce energy.   What happened was a device was created that permitted travel through time a desire that had stuck with humanity for centuries.   
The device however, does not exactly go though time.  It really just goes elsewhere perhaps there is a linked timeline of elsewheres perhaps not.   The device also enables special abilities with prolonged contact on some worlds with more exposure the powers get stronger and more numerous.  Perhaps this is epi-genetics at work.  Needless to say some bearers of the matrix have been treated as witches though I think the device is more of the Asimov principle at work than actual occult.  There are probably ten or twenty thousand matrixes scattered though the 160,000 different possible locations a matrix can reach.   There is a memory that is impressed upon a matrix that will designate a place that it will bring you to.  It communicates telepathicly with a user and will both inform the user and read their mind as to where they want to go.  With practice you can transport to a place on the world that you have been before and to a specific time within a day or two from when you have left.  
It will never transport you to a place of immediate danger,  but danger may be nearer than you wish.  Even if it has not regained power you can clench it in your fist and tell it to get you away and it will remove everyone in its sphere to a random world.   Ordinarily to dial out you would place it in your left hand point the first number in sequence up, touch your forehead with your right hand, then touch the matrix, dial the next four numbers in sequence.  If you dial 20-20-20-20 you will be taken to the last matrix yours has been in contact with which for now shall be mine.  There are certain places that are locked out of dialing for some odd reason.  Ordinarily you would ask it for options and it would tell you of places you might wish to go.  There are other versions of yourselves you might encounter. Furthermore there are other travelers, some of which do not need a matrix.  There are some worlds that are used to visitors and most who are better shielded from the truth, use caution when using the matrix.  
  There is more to learn and I will probably write it down later but for now I wish you the best

 Your “Uncle”
Bart H.W. Gummins

PS: one of you might want to take notes as a way of keeping track of where you are and what the matrix has told you as it often will give coordinates as options but not repeat them later when you really need them.  I have given you two satchels that will probably fit into most technological levels but they are some hind of future technology, they are bigger on the inside, they are not infinite but will hold a large quantity.  Also I have some other gifts which I will reveal later.   

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