Thursday, October 27, 2011


I has been drawn to my attention that i have not published my statement.

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The work I do is influenced by observation of the form of parasitic consumerism rampant in the culture which I am accustomed to. There is an addiction to comfort and a ends justify the means approach. The supply of goods has produced abuses of many varieties.
I am process orientated and often make decisions based on wanting to try new things or experiment with tools. Often I use tools and materials in unexpected ways. I envision a piece and feel my way though the manifestation of it.
Most of my current work deals with history and a new dark age after the fall of technology. Entropy and rebirth are huge concepts in this concept. There is decay in abandoned and forgotten artifacts. There is also much rebirth in this concept as society learns to rise from the mutual state of ignorance as forgotten skills are relearned. This is a world in conflict. A place of tribes and clans and of strange encounters. Neutrality is only assured for the wanderer (or is it). Home is often a place that must be defended often. Some hold human life to be something sacred and some like people in our day and age have no emotions to that extent they are societies of sociopaths. Obviously there is mental conflict in the essence of the existence of those who believe they need to be non-violent but are threatened by the bloodlust of others.   

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